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There are quite some variations in the famous game of poker. The one most played and most known all over the world is Texas Hold’em poker.

Texas Hold’em Poker

In Poker the player with the best combination of cards in the last round of betting wins. In Texas Hold’em, the most known of all poker, players play in five stages that mark the betting rounds. All players can react as follows:
-Check (Run your hand without leaving the game)
-Call (same bet)
-Raise (Raise the bet)
-Fold (Fold Game)

The game


Before the deal, the two players to the left of the dealer, they have to make their forced bets, the blinds. The first bet the Small Blind and the Big Blind second, which equals twice the small blind. Each player is dealt two cards face down.
The first round begins and who wishes to continue in the game must pay at least the Big Blind. A player can bet more money than the previous but eventually all must match. You can withdraw and leave the table to decide your hand is bad.


When all match the Big Blind, the dealer uncovers the top card of the deck and discover three cards on the table (Flop). Proceed as preflop. And reach the second round of betting is not mandatory if everyone goes (makes Check).


The dealer uncovers the fourth card on the table (Turn) and begins the third round of betting.


The dealer takes the fifth card (River) and start the last round of Texas Hold’em Poker. Then the players reveal their cards and wins who has the best combination according to the scale of values ​​of Poker, bringing his two cards plus the five community and uncovered the table. If two players tie, the pot is shared.

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